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Our fascination with young women as sexual objects or signs of life and happiness doesn't translate for women in business and is damaging. A year-old will bring with them the hopes to be the first in their family to earn a college degree. This task is all the more urgent given the concerted effort to undermine hard-won democratic gains. She also notes the values most admired in the industrialized world — high personal and economic productivity — do little to help us age. At the same time, we need a new motto.

When I turn 30? Age becomes just another attribute, like being a good speller or a Filipino or a Cubs fan. We should see the goal of including young people in political life as part of the prolonged fight for a more robust and inclusive democracy — a system, lest we forget, based on the premise that those affected by a decision should have a say in making it. As a society we are obsessed with age, but we can't figure out how we feel about it.