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About the мovie michael keaton girlfriend:

I always loved gangster movies - Jimmy Cagney and John Garfield and all that stuff, you know. And I think - I don't know. But as unforgiving as he can be of his own performances, Keaton tries to give other things a pass. And I'm nine stories up, and I'm thinking, man, I hope everybody's on their cue.

Yeah, and I use it actually occasionally, you know. And as I have said many times before it would had to have been horrible, just, like, unreadable for me to just say no. And I'm thinking, yeah, good luck.


Then you dangle one of the muggers off the side of the building, and he's hollering for you to spare him. But if you punk out or if you go halfway or if you don't commit to it - if you get frightened and kind of want to save yourself and not look, you know, that just doesn't work. It made me feel real isolated inside there - couldn't really hear and - but - so that really was a - ended up being a bonus - plus for me. But then Keaton took a step into the weird with Tim Burton in the wonderfully unhinged "Beetlejuice," and followed that up with the first of the great, Gothic superhero movies, "Batman. The fact that I think that's a good idea to do that on a large screen and let millions of people watch it and I think that's a good idea, that's really weird to choose that as an occupation.
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And, you know, that was a big deal. In Birdman, Michael Keaton a real-life former Batman plays a former movie superhero who's trying to get a grasp on his career. This week up for grabs is Birdman Racing.
But that's really - that was the origin of it. GROSS: You leave your dressing room to have a smoke and accidentally got locked out in your underwear. CraigSnyder May 13, He is very talented and one of the best Batmans ever. And we we're talking about that and I said, what are you thinking about? So I focused across the way, never realizing as the camera would come up inches from my face, your depth of field changes, and you get disoriented.
I got some cables, I'll do it for ya. I didn't want to be one of those jerks , you know. Chaney racked up an impressive number of film appearances.
GROSS: So, you know, you're talking about the voice that you used as Birdman in the film "Birdman" and comparing that to the voice you used as Batman in your "Batman" films. And, you know, then people started getting television sets. But my mother and father talked about people, neighbors coming down to watch something on the television, you know. And two criminals are on a rooftop. I'm going to the work the [expletive] out of that.
Interview Highlights On the professional risk of taking such an ambitious role Day to day and doing the work and getting to that honest point, that for me is always about — and always will be as long as I do this — refining and refining and refining and refining the truth Since my presence has been requested, Beetlejuice-style, I'll address the current controversy: Yes, the Prius is the greatest car ever made. I mean, she - I kept thinking, oh, man, you know, I'm standing on the edge of this building, you know, and this is not - this is nervous - I'm not crazy about heights. But my mother and father talked about people, neighbors coming down to watch something on the television, you know.

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