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About the мovie brown family alaska:

Breeding: Brown bears reach sexual maturity at an average age of 5 years. The other five members of the family did not say where they were calling from. Treatment for her cancer included a four-month course of chemotherapy with radiation.

I was truly the luckiest kid in town—I had it all—money, clothes, big ticket toys and a loving family, too. He was 26, accounting for an year age gap. On the ladder of hierarchy, they are followed by maternal females, which owe their elevated position in bear society to their tendency to behave aggressively whenever they perceive their cubs are in danger. For example, black bear fur may be black, brown, reddish or even shades of grey and white, while brown bear colors range from dark brown through very light blond.


The juveniles separate from time to time, usually joining up again within a few hours, but occasionally they do not reunite for several days. In areas abundant food, such as the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak and Admiralty Island, densities as high as one bear per square mile 2.
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These females, with their newborn cubs, are the last to exit dens. Females generally have smaller home ranges, averaging square miles square kilometers in size. This can be achieved most effectively if provisions are treated with utmost care and are stored properly so that bears cannot get to them. The second major type of conflict arises when people allow a bear to obtain their food, thereby teaching it that they are a convenient source of nourishment. Second, the Browns were able to afford a trip to Hawaii not long after being ordered to pay out tens of thousands of dollars.
What else did you learn about them? Losing a loved one under strained circumstances is never easy. Ami's happiness was short-lived, however, once rumors started circulating that she had made up the diagnosis.

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