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About the –ľovie how to spot a player:

There is nothing wrong with going out with a man that has a child, but I would pay close attention to any man that has clocked up several children by several different women. He disappears for periods of time with little or no explanation. At dinner, he turns his phone over and puts in on silent.

These are all signs that they may be living a second life cheating, affair, etc. He may be very charming, enthusiastic and say what you want to hear. He disappears as soon as he arrives.


This is often a trait of men that are also habitually routine with their time. However, if he's regularly acting sus when it comes to his cell phone, then there may be something he's not telling you.
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He bigs himself up a lot. His cousin? It feels like a victory to win the affection of someone else.
He just wants to play. Or at least that's what he'll tell you. Does he talk more about goals than accomplishments? To do so, Richards has built a dedicated team by looking to. He can shut down that down, and not even feel guilty.

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