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About the –ľovie lesbian dating a man:

Attraction is just as important for queer people as it is for anyone else, and reducing someone to a sexual act or stereotyping them based on who you think they are can be very hurtful. This sucks! Be comfortable with your own sexuality. And me?

Conversely, my relationships with straight men go haywire the moment I try to take a more active role in romance or courting. This sense of scarcity makes it all the more frustrating to encounter people you have no interest in dating. Casually and unemotionally dating a dude seemed perfect: I could get laid without fear of catching that big, scary, incurable STI: feelings. Impeach the motherfucker already! Our communication is open and direct, and as a result, we have never harbored resentment or had a serious conflict.


I came out as a lesbian over a decade ago, and my dykehood has shaped much of my life: I worked at the LGBT Office in college. Either way, I was too busy living to worry about a label. I took salsa lessons. I was relieved to have been honest-ish with him rather than ghosting him. It is important that queer women are able to discuss this with their straight male partners and love interests.
This cant be coma, in my country coma is operated on cameras and if they see this then loool xDD
Holy fuck! One cumslut to rule them all! Wish there were more girls like her...
To the contrary, daddy would be proud that his son is doing a healthy thing.
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Healing of toxic masculinity. Our shelves are filled with books of poetry. And yet I still catch myself nervously glancing around when he takes my hand, before I remember that we blend in as a straight-passing couple.
Honestly, I've always been attracted to women who look "butch" so this is pretty hot to me maybe that's clouding my judgment? Or maybe some guys are just too dumb to properly set up a dating profile. It's a good arrangement for me, but I don't want her to get into something she'll regret later. The idea that I shouldn't pay is a patronizing throwback to when women were, you know, basically property.
Nothing about me has really changed. Is love a choice or a feeling? And while some in the lesbian community have certainly expressed unreasonable prejudices towards bisexual women as a group, I would challenge us not to automatically claim biphobia in response, but to focus instead on rethinking what it means to both perform and receive romance.

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