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About the –ľovie tintype photo:

There is no tin in the tintype. Look for the "Ask a question" link in the "Questions and answers about this item" area to ask your questions. Plate Size and Color Brown or 'chocolate' plates as they were known were introduced in At first tintypes were primarily taken in photographic studios, but they soon became widely used outside the studio as well. In the wet process, a collodion emulsion containing suspended silver halide crystals had to be formed on the plate just before it was exposed in the camera while still wet.

This takes practice to get the flow over the plate even, thankfully you can do this step with the lights on. A farmer was shown in his tintype photo, as he held up his plow horse collar, and a few farming tools, as proud of his occupation. Most didn't have a birth certificate. When they dry and split off due to slight shrinkage, they retain a highly reflective gloss. Is My Image a Tintype?


Feb 8, Photo credit: Michele Selway. Once the exposure has been made its recommended you pour the developer over the plate under red safety lights, tray development is fine. The plate was doused in a bucket of water for a quick rinse, and dried by waving in the air, for on-the-spot delivery to the customer. Each duplicate image could then be cut from the whole plate and distributed to friends or family. Before we begin our examination of our tintypes, remember that we have the patent date of as a starting point.
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Below are tintype photos featuring cowboys, horses, or outlaws for sale. It was widely used until around the late s when it lost its popularity, however traveling photographers still used it. There is the beginning of corrosion where the image was exposed. The tintype was very popular with civil war soldiers because it was less likely to break than the fragile glass ambrotype or delicate copper daguerreotype.
These were the snapshots of their period. These became popular in the mids. Even the softest camera lens brush will scratch the delicate surface. The tintype was a variation of the ambrotype, but instead of a glass plate, a thin sheet of iron ferro was used.

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