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I had never been to a comic book convention before. DPC: Definitely. And for Nicole and Waverly as a couple, I think it would be really interesting to see them start to work together and see what the dynamic is like there.

The Klima Hotel Milano Fiero has a shuttlebus and picked me up from the nearest train station, which was a big help! I mean, surprise surprise. TTVJ: A lot of attention, rightfully so, has been paid to all the special skills you got to show off this year. And then plan C is just pay for it and make it ourselves. When Wynonna arrives back Waverly has this pent up resentment there that they have never really discussed.


First, there is still no sign that the show's Calgary production office is open yet. Beau Smith, who created the comic book is fantastic. I think maybe we already had enough problems by that point that it was time to come back together. She gave her whole heart and proved time and again how loyal she is to their relationship — just as she is to everything else that she commits to.
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I later heard she ate half of it too and loved it, ghehe. Bring your finest fan questions and get there early as this one is bound to be not only epic, but magical. Emily has achieved that really, really well. What do you think, Kat? A warm thank you to the volunteers, interpreter, and the people in charge!
Instead, I went for dinner, uploaded one video, and edited another. And thank you for always being so positive and sharing your passion for the show. The current page doesn't even list WE Season 4 production dates yet.
Just remembering how we treat each other. And you guys were at WonderCon, do you have any plans, or would you like to come to New York Comic Con or any type of conventions in the future? We will explore the dynamics of media bias, especially as to women, and how those portrayals end up shaping our own self-view. And thank you for always being so positive and sharing your passion for the show.

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