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About the мovie coinciding with the appearance of early hominins about 5–10 mya, the climate was::

They posit that their findings are consistent with a mechanical explanation, the declining mechanical loading of the postcrania, which suggests longer bouts of activity such as foraging. This aggressiveness is suggested by the fact that its African emergence and Asian dispersal are temporally proximate. The first hominid tools provided a technology that added a first stage to digestion, preprocessing foods and giving early hominids access to a wider range of nutritional resources, imparting a survival advantage.

A few scientists speculated that the most ancient humans would be found somewhere in tropical regions of East Asia. Villa and Turner also suggest caution in accepting earlier dates. The extraordinary forces of plate tectonics and a changing climate have transformed East Africa from a relatively flat, forested region to a mountainous fragmented landscape dominated by the rapid appearance and disappearance of huge, deep-water lakes.


Further evidence of this unstable ancient world can be found in modern Africa. A case of anagenesis in the hominin fossil record. Encephalization and Adaptability Brain enlargement during human evolution has been dramatic. These became the distinctive Acheulian biface tools about 1. This correlates well with the time at which apes and hominids diverged Larick and Ciochon.
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Some scientists have theorized that the retreating ice made it easier, or perhaps even necessary, for humans to domesticate plants in the Near East. Neanderthals went extinct. Importantly, many of the features that distinguish it from Australopithecus are also features that it shares with early Homo Villmoare et al. They also have found the body weight for African H. During each of these periods the local climate of East Africa varied over a 20,year cycle, from extreme aridity to very wet conditions.
Nihewan Basin, China, 1. The intensity of environmental change seems likely to create entirely new survival challenges for the lone hominin species on the planet, and many other organisms as well. Events in other parts of the world corresponded to these climate changes. Basic stone tools thus greatly enhanced the functions of teeth in a way that allowed access to an enormous variety of foods. These species were replaced by modern relatives, which tended to be smaller in body size and not as specialized in diet or habitat.

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