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About the мovie mamba:

We report an unusual case of a snake breeder bitten by a black mamba in Switzerland, report the clinical course, and review the lifesaving emergency management of mamba bites. Special Considerations: Multiple Bites: It is possible for a Western Green Mamba to deliver more than one bite in a single attack, and thus may inject a larger volume of venom. A temperature gradient of several degrees should be provided. A large water bowl kept scrupulously clean should always be provided.

Secretions may become copious necessitating suctioning or even intubation. This feature is unique in relation to the relatively conserved three-finger toxin 3FTx -dominated venom compositions of the green mambas. Unlike popular perception, Donald says the snake is not aggressive and will do anything in its power to head away from humans rather than attack. However, given the poor prognosis of an untreated mamba bite, even an anaphylactic response does not represent a contraindication to antivenin administration.


The bite initial symptoms include slight swelling where bitten and or pain or a light burning sensation, the loss of control of the tongue and jaw and slurred speech, tunnel and blurred vision, drowsiness, paralysis of all muscle groups and mental confusion. However, the clinical course probably would have been more severe, if the patient himself had not reacted so swiftly. Within the next five minutes, chest tightness, generalized paresthesia, and fasciculation occurred. And amidst all the noise, voices get lost and some stories are never heard.
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Dwivedi S. Upon arrival of the ambulance, the patient was unable to walk, was tachypneic, and had prominent dysarthria. Journal of Proteomics. Mamba bites. Their highly potent venoms comprise a high diversity of pharmacologically active peptides, including extremely rapid-acting neurotoxins.
The Black Mamba is also said to be extremely aggressive and there are many reports of mambas chasing men on horseback. If the tongue, jaw or pharynx become paralyzed, insert an oral airway. Prepare an additional four vials of antivenom immediately as directed above. Markwalder K.

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