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About the мovie are colton and tia dating:

So far that their relationship probably won't even going to get much more of a mention than that little Arkansas joke. Of course not. If they're doing the long distance thing, they certainly aren't showing it. When Colton told Becca about it initially — during the spa group date where, of course, Tia made an appearance — he said he was here for Becca and didn't want to pursue Tia. He knows that he really likes her, but now isn't sure if she feels the same way about him.

Good thing he's got the rose this week. Colton's dragonfly shirt is cool, though! Both of them will be on Bachelor in Paradise.


Is there more than meets the eye? We've all been there. Giphy This potential bombshell of a reveal comes after rumors swirled last month reporting Colton and Tia were getting cozy on Bachelor in Paradise. Colton's not the only virgin on the show And then after that nice Colton and Tia-free time, it came back, with everyone telling Tia she needs to move on and blah blah blah.
Believe it or not, that's actually what they're going for.
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Hannah reassured him, "No, you're good. Underwood and Booth, both 26, briefly dated before he was cast on The Bachelorette. Tia also called out so-called "fake news" and I don't think she's referring to politics here via her own tweet last month, so who knows what's real and what's just Bachelor Nation speculation right now. Bachelor Nation has so many questions about their relationship status at this point, considering the drama surrounding them hasn't exactly slowed down from the get-go. By Alana Altmann Jul 10, The mysterious romantic tale of Colton and Tia is still in the Bachelorette air, as evidenced by the promo for next week's crucial hometown episode.
Becca revealed that she thought of getting rid of Colton post-spa date due to the fact that he and Tia had a fling, but said she didn't because Tia said it was over. Fans will have to sit tight for that and Bachelor in Paradise to get the true scoop on this sticky relationship web. And Colton and Becca clearly have grown closer throughout her Bachelorette journey — on Monday's episode, he opened up about his virginity and she appreciated his honesty. There's not a lot of wiggle room for figuring out who you are and want you want along the way. Both of them will be on Bachelor in Paradise.

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