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About the –ľovie dating ansonia clocks:

From this point on, Ansonia became the great imitator. The shop also buys vintage electrical lamps from table to torchier types dating from the s and before. This model sometimes incorporated a small drawer in the bottom center section.

SETCO pages of clockhistory. These operations became the nucleus of Moscow's factories No. Downfall[ edit ] In early , just before World War I , Ansonia was producing different models. The Pendulum: On this Triumph, Ansonia's label trumpeted a "Patent Self-adjusting Pendulum" mechanism with the verge freely rotating about a pivoting bracket holding it to the crutch the arm which holds the verge up to the escapement wheel.


These styles are well documented in clock books as to the years they were made. If you think you have Arts and Crafts decorated fabrics or other pieces you wish identified, write to Toomey, enclosing a photo. From this point on the variety in clocks made by Ansonia was endless since they simply copied the endless variety of French styles. During this period the Ansonia clocks all had brass movements, as noted in the foregoing, and were usually weight-operated.
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They now occupy the third floor of J. There were only four original holes, made by the workman who assembled this clock on the production line. A careful study of these pages, the cumulative knowledge of many noted collectors, will greatly enhance one's collecting experiences.
The firm eventually utilized a two-story factory for the clock business which was in use by January of , though Phelps did not sell the property to the company and lease them the water rights until April 12th of that year. The manufacturing is now done on the second floor of the firm's handsome and substantial brick building on Main Street. Ansonia made only brass movements, as one might readily surmise.
We had misinterpreted the label and read more into it than was there. This was probably made before the formation of the Clock Company in These have been installed in a new, many-windowed building in Moscow, where Russian apprentices are beginning to master the trade. The better ones are in imported cases, especially the cases marked "Royal Bonn. Some workmen from both Canton and Brooklyn went to Russia for up to 18 months to get the machinery in operation and train Russian workers.

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