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About the –ľovie dating a man in a wheelchair:

He has a steady job, he's nice to my friends, he's thoughtful and he is commited. My heart instantly dropped as I thought How could I not know that he went to the bathroom differently? Although the man may be accustomed to these types of behavior from others, they may still hurt him and affect how much he enjoys his time on the date. The decision to date online should NOT be taken lightly.

It's hard to convey tone in text but "want a hand? Venues May Be Limited The types of dates a woman goes on with her partner will face some limitations simply because he is in a wheelchair. Don't try to "help" without asking if help is wanted. Would I be the one to help?


Lolo: The most troubling encounter actually happened in person on the third date with someone. Good luck! Obvious realism caveats apply, but they're the same caveats I'd apply to any genre of erotica so you will probably recognize them easily. Again, be open with your partner. Some of the issues I'd like to talk about here are totally selfish and some people may find it sensitive to talk about them.
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I had never considered accessibility before. In other words, please don't stress about this! I, along with a lot of the women who are in our group, have learned that the true vulnerability that comes between us and our partners is astounding after an SCI.
Good luck! I saw that damn chair and it brought tears to my eyes. For example He can't drive.
Second, you sound very self-aware and well-intentioned. And please do not bend down or crouch to talk to someone using a chair. On that topic, you didn't mention whether the venue for said date is set yet, or if it's a dinner date, but if you're still deciding, you could casually throw out the question about whether or not he's got an opinion on accessibility at a particular restaurant or theatre etc.
She taught at the elementary level for eight years, and has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada. Most housing isn't. He now does and I love him with all my heart through good and bad. I would feel weird if someone said that to me about any of the ways in which we are different He does almost everything differently!

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