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Since then, the social welfare system has been affected by the economic crisis. But in spring , Armenian demonstrations for autonomy boiled over into violence. The preference, however, has been and continues to be for neolocality, that is, the new couple forming a new household.


The former ethnic and religious diversity that characterized the Ottoman Empire, had in the accelerating decomposition of the empire from early s, disappeared, namely when the Christian nations in the Balkans began to free themselves and proclaim independence. In Soviet Armenia, the literary tradition followed the trends in Russia with a recognizable Armenian voice.
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Back to top 12 In what other ways than massacres and deportations was the genocide carried out? The Armenian language is an Indo-European language. Along with creating a false image of our country, our culture and our people, along with serving as a terrible example for the young living in Armenia, the irresponsible actions of these hostile men have another implied, but dangerously threatening side-effect. The remains of Talaat, Djemal and the others who had fallen victim to the Armenian revenge actions were gradually transferred to Turkey where they were given state funerals and proclaimed as national heroes and got several parks, schools and other institutions named to their memories. It represented the flowering of Armenian culture.
Translated by Geoffrey Capner. They cite in particular the Armenian 'revolt' that began in the city of Van on 20 April. Until recently, medicine and health care were universal and state run. The written literature has been divided into five main epochs: the fifth century golden age, or vosgetar following the adoption of the alphabet; the Middle Ages; the Armenian Renaissance in the nineteenth century ; modern literature of Armenia and Constantinople Istanbul at the turn of the twentieth century; and contemporary literature of Armenia and the Diaspora. But all this changed when the Kemalist movement seized power and denounced the already signed treaty and in violation of the existing ceasefire agreement in Mudros attacked the Republic of Armenia.
But as soon as the new Nationalist movement, led by Mustafa Kemal, seized the power in Turkey, they halted the trials. What is certain is that even 30 years later, many of the cities in northern Armenia hit hardest by the earthquake are still struggling. Domestic Unit. Religion Religious Beliefs.
Teshkilati Mahsusa was also in charge of the execution of the massacre of the Armenian population. Women also account for most of An Armenian woman drying grain beside the road in Garni Village, circa The folk-dance ensembles have also been participating in various international festivals.
Back to top 27 Which present-day consequences has the genocide resulted in? In terms of employment, there is a high rate of women's participation in the labor force. During the summer of , the Armenian National Movement acquired legal status, and held its first congress in November

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