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About the –ľovie s&p 500:

As a consumption driven economy, financially healthy and employed consumers are key to economic growth. Further complicating matters is the fact that predicting future earnings is not any easier. The group has tagged a fractional week high, though by a narrow six-cent margin. The bigger picture Collectively, the major U. Furthermore, we believed that should this situation revert to more historical norms, value-oriented stocks should benefit.

This was a modest improvement from the September low, but below estimates. Despite those concerns, markets were resilient in October. We still acknowledge that an inverted yield curve has historically been a negative sign for the economy and has preceded each of our last seven recessions. International stocks outperformed U.


We still acknowledge that an inverted yield curve has historically been a negative sign for the economy and has preceded each of our last seven recessions. Economic data as shown in the chart at the end of the commentary was rather mixed last month, but our expectation is that this expansion will run well into next year.
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Non-farm payroll additions were , in September, which was below expectations. Treasury yield during the month, most pockets of fixed income added to already solid gains this year. October data had not been released at the time of this writing.
Is this the big one or just another large correction? Treasury Index inched higher by 0. This feature selection will also help in improving the generalization capabilities of the algorithm when trying to identify non-linear relationships between variables. However, prior month retail sales data for August was revised higher to show a gain of 0.
Final Remarks Three main hypothesis were made to simplify the project: Every stock bought on the previous month were sold and 10 new stocks were bought for each month tested. The advance reading of Q3 GDP growth came in at an annualized pace of 1. Microsoft is up more than 35 percent this year, Apple almost 29 percent and Facebook nearly 55 percent, as of the close of trading on Wednesday.
More broadly, the two groups detailed above exemplify a still strengthening U. We have witnessed a shift in our relative strength models towards slightly favoring value and international equities. Source: FactSet Data are provided 'as is' for informational purposes only and are not intended for trading purposes. Why choose that period? No dividends were accounted for, which would impact also the compounded return of the model.

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