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About the мovie identical twins marry identical twins:

While there have plenty of studies on the offspring of identical twins, there aren't enough children of two pairs of identical twins to predict much of what the two sets of Salyer kids might be like. Without a loving and supportive environment, no child can reach his or her full potential, they said. She was dreaming of being a waitress I guess. Colina suffered a stroke in August , from which she has almost fully recovered.

And Dr Burt says that there is no reason to believe that there are any genetic health risks to being the child of two identical twins. So genetic recombination helps prevent siblings from looking the same, but that's not its only function. It turned out that David and Colina had feelings for each other; Michael and Corina gravitated toward each other. A person's height, for example, is often estimated at 0.


Colina suffered a stroke in August , from which she has almost fully recovered. She was dreaming of being a waitress I guess. Altogether, each twin was bombarded with more than 15, questions. Even the couples admitted that there are times when it becomes confusing. Probably the most important thing is our faith in and relationship with God.
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Michael agreed. These two lines of research—studying the differences between identical twins to pinpoint the influence of environment, and comparing identical twins with fraternal ones to measure the role of inheritance—have been crucial to understanding the interplay of nature and nurture in determining our personalities, behavior, and vulnerability to disease. Lately, however, twin studies have helped lead scientists to a radical, almost heretical new conclusion: that nature and nurture are not the only elemental forces at work. However, a friend of the guys insisted they tell him which girl they were interested in. The men, who were 23 at the time, were shocked to find out one day that the girls were
I just twins back to bed. He said he had sworn off dating. The only way we get identical offspring is when a fertilised egg splits into two cells.

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